3 Killer Techniques To Flirt With Women

In continuation with my last post, I’ll share with you guys those 3 killer flirting tips that has help me a lot in enhancing my fast flirt skills and getting success with women. As I said, these are fine guidelines and not rules to attract a woman. With my personal experience, I can say that these will help you at some level in understanding what woman wants and what attracts them.

Get Personal

SHE: “He said he would be right back with the menu in few minutes”.

YOU: “Great! Looks like he’s on top of the things….we’re in the safest hands”.

Use of similar function words by couples, especially the ones with prepositions and pronouns(.i.e. he, he would, on, in) is a good indication and shows that they are compatible.

Broca’s area of the brain is the key here, where the density of the mirror neurons(responsible for mirroring emotions) is the highest. If you want to get tuned into her OTHER areas, be sure to tune into her Broca’s area first. This will give you a lead in flirting with women.


Share her Speech

SHE: “I really love water rides”

YOU: “Yeah, specially the scooter drive and banana rides..Aren’t they cool?”

If you share her terms and finish her sentences. Not only you show that you share the same taste but also how cooperative you are. Women are attracted to such men, coz men are not really known for their cooperative speech. Females are always more cooperative in speech than men.  She’s also aware that your taste in women has leaded you to her and she can’t help but get attracted.  Another good way to get tuned with her and quick flirt.

Apply the Double Bind

SHE: “Okay so.. What are you doing this weekend?”

YOU: “Well, it depends..(Serious face..a pause)…Would you go for a disc or sightseeing?”

This is my personal favorite. This phenomena is called “Double Bind”. Amazing thing about this technique is that you are psychologically presenting her with the illusion of a virtual choice. Whatever she picks (which she will…. smiling), you are in it. ;)

However you need to be aware that it will either be abrupt end of the date or open up things for you. So don’t RUSH. Let things settle a bit between you guys. And then and only then hit it hard.

If you are just starting out, you can say something subtler like, “If I choose a coffee bar, will you then decide what we head into thereafter?” Again it’s a win-win situation buddy! ;)

Good luck flirts!

In my next post will share my story, ups and downs and the ultimate guide which finally helped me with fast flirting techniques to make the person that I’m today.  Without the help of this guide I wouldn’t have had such great success with women. So Stay Tuned!

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3 little known secrets to quick flirt with women

I’m going to share some killer techniques to fast flirt with examples to give you a head start in quick flirting with women which will essentially put you ahead in the game.

These are not rules but sort of guidelines to give you insight in flirting tips and help you understand how to flirt with women. Try to implement them as much as possible and YEAH be innovative while doing so. You can formulate your own rules when you are experienced with it.

Cutting to the chase…Below are my killer tips

The Accomodation Theory

SHE: “Nice to meet you”

YOU: “It’s lovely to meet you too. Can I buy you a drink?”

Now as you’ve noticed she is greeting you formally. This essentially requires you to act even more formally. Despite of how you converse in a natural way and save your instincts for later stage of flirt mastery.

The trick here is to be on the same page as hers and reciprocate with the same linguistics which is popularly known amongst flirts as “Accomodation Theory”. This originates from the human behavior principle of “similarity attraction”. It simply means, if appear to be ‘akin’ to the person you like, he/she will like you back. Doing so you are already in the game and started to score well.


Tune to her Representational Wavelength

SHE: “While I’m on business tour, I love to lie down at dawn on a quiet beach and savor moments with sunrise..”

YOU: “To me that sounds like a perfect image to picture when you feeling a bit low after hectic routines”

What you are doing here is reflecting a “VISUAL” word such as picture and image back at her which clearly shows that you are on the same “Representational Wavelength”.

An interesting study says that everyone has one’s representation wavelength system. Which could be either ‘Auditory’, ‘Visual’ or ‘kinesthetic ‘. Another way to look at it is, we are inclined or attracted to people who shows similar preference. If your partner is Auditory (someone more sensitive to sound). She is more likely to use words like ‘listen’ and ‘hear’. If your partner is kinesthetic(someone more sensitive to how one’s body feels), the choice of words would be like ‘feel’, ‘numb’ and ‘hot’. Hope you get the PICTURE!

Read Between The Lines

SHE: “This is same red wine I tried back in December….Can’t recall its name though…Last year in Spain.. ”

YOU: “Interesting….Where did you go in Spain?”

This is a classic example of what she really wants to discuses about. Clearly it isn’t red wine but she wants to talk about her trip to Spain. Now, a lot of men will face problems of miscommunication here as “Men are more likely to be literal whereas Women tend to be inferential”. One of the most problematic areas for men is to judge to pick between literal and inferential communication, so most likely they tend to go astray. And kill the chemistry before it starts to build up.

Women showoff a lot and in this particular example she is trying to do the same by showing that she’s travelled. So direct the conversation well. “She is NOT at all interested in you helping her recalling the name of that red wine”. However ordering a bottle wouldn’t kill anyone.

In my next post, I’ll take this concept further and help you with even more killer techniques to put you one step closer to fast flirt with girls. So Stay Tuned!

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3 Steps To Build Much Better Confidence What Attracts Women

In your quest to fast flirt and get the girl the most important ingredient would be confidence. It’s not that a person is born with confidence or not. Rather, something which can be build over time through practice(lots of it). You need to act smooth, know what you’re talking about and use your surrounding wisely to attract women.
Okay now.. So how to achieve it?
1st Step – Move Forward with Positive Attitude
The foremost important way to start things up and get on achiever side is to adopt a positive attitude. Great thing about positivity is not only it helps in building confidence but makes you a lot more attractive to women. Come to think of it, who likes to be around negative person? Women catches positive and negative vibes much better than men.
2nd Step – Your Strengths
Make a list of your strengths. Identify them. Look hard into the mirror and introspect, what is that you are good at. It could be anything, like cooking, knowledge of things, games etc. It doesn’t have to be anything related to attraction and seduction. Hone your strengths further, it impress real world women it shows at the appropriate place and time.
3rd Step – What are you made up of?
In the quest to make yourself successful with women, it important to ask yourself who you really are and what exactly is that you really want. It makes you a lot more confident when you ready with yourself and act spontaneously. We often tend to neglect such things and don’t even realize it. Later on to discover you are confused with yourself. Which is very unattractive for women. So go ahead and define yourself.
Some more tips on similar lines..
A wonderful way to achieve super confidence is to try Tony Robbin’s positivity challenge. What is essentially asks you to do is to, live 7 days of your life without letting even a single negative thought about yourself enter into your head. This is awesome mental training exercise which sets the much needed foundation for a lot of men. It’s a good learning experience which will help you realize how much of your valuable time are you wasting with meaningless negativity. The very evil that destroys your confidence. A very detrimental thing in achieving success with woman. If you practice this day in and day out you are very much ahead in the game than you can think of in fast flirting techniques and achieve flirt mastery in record time.

In my next post, I’ll take on some amazing techniques that will help you to converse with her and achieve success with woman.

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How To Flirt With Women: My Top Pointers

It feels on the top of the world when we start getting the type of results and success with women we always dreamt of by using fast flirt techniques. By taking care of some very basic and important things we can see a dramatic change, not overnight ofcourse, but over fairly short period of time, even for an average guy like me. Believe me! You don’t have to be brad pitt and women will still love you like crazy. I have had a lot of failures in the past and have come to believe all the wrong reasons responsible for it. From what I learned in last couple of months, it all comes with practice, practice and practice only. Which directly leads us to question how to do that exactly. Best way is to speak up with random girls, start conversation with topic really interesting and appealing to girls. The topic they love the most: “Themselves”. They love to hear about themselves but to do it in a correct way is wherein lies the whole trick. Ofcourse there is a lot more than starting conversation.

Here are my Top Pointers:

CONQUER yourself:

You have to CONQUER yourself. My friend says the single most powerful word in the English language for a man is “Next!”. Never get bothered by some bitchy or unresponsive girl affect your outlook towards life. This is where most men get discouraged and lower their self esteem. I know it is probably one of the hardest things to sink in but if you conquer it my friend, you are already champion. Ofcourse it all comes with practice. Believe me you will do just fine if you overcome it and keep on looking for more hotteis in the town to flirt with. Some are really not worth the time and money. It is not harder than it seems. Once you have conquered youself, you have already won half of the battle in your flirting journey.


Self Confidence

Confidence shows! And women are genetically-extremely-powerfully equipped to sense it from miles away. You have to promise to yourself first that the only thing you remember about youself is that you are good, infact go as far as to feel the best guy in the world, when you approach to flirt with woman. Think yourself as brad pitt  if you have to, to boost your moral, before gearing up to flirt with girls. Men tend to do a lot of goofy things subconsciously when they are not confident and woman sense it easily. Before approaching woman to fast flirt with her, visualize yourself in the situation you felt the best like when you won a title and applauded for achieving something great. I mean the real situations ofcourse, so that your mind doesn’t trick you in anyway. This is very important and is the first and single most important milestone to get success with woman. Say only good to yourself, think only good about you every day every minute. Be the king of your world in your head, never think about embarrassing situations and failures, not only before approaching to fast flirt with women but all the time. If you are hero in your head, women feel the hero like confidence in you, which is very attractive to them, especially when there is nothing like hero in the guy. Live with it as far as you could and it will become your reality before you would even know what happened. Fast flirt is an art which comes only with practice. Practicing all this prepares you subconsciously to be an attractive Alfa Male and start getting noticed by women. Moreover it also enhances your flirting performance. It’s hard to explain but it works. If you want to achieve something that you never had, you must be willing to do something you never did before. A lot of cocky jerks, athletes, bad boys get a lot more attention and success with women than most other decent, well behaved, chivalrous guys not because of how they look but because of how they act around women with their flirting mechanisms. Confidence is the key here than anything else.


Grooming Tips:

To be a successful flirt you don’t have to look like a rockstar, artists or any funky crazy guy with body full of tattoos to start getting noticed amongst woman. Don’t do that. You don’t need to change your personality drastically, as that will not only look unnatural but also harder for you to live with. Be comfortable under your own skin. But make sure to maintain basic hygiene. Women hate guys who stink. They feel more comfortable around well groomed males. Lookwise flirts don’t really need to look like out of the world guys but more practical (not boring) and stylish. Do some research on this as to what goes best on you because it gives instant good impression about you. Total opposite to men’s psyche, women love a man for what’s inside a man’s head and how they make them feel with their flirting styles. Look doesn’t really matter as such but you don’t want to stink from any part of your body. Adopting healthy lifestyle helps in a long run naturally.


Element of surprise and Power:

You don’t want to end up being just a good friend who is called only when a woman is in need but a flirt who excites her. Don’t overload her with gifts and instantly agree to all her wishes. Instead do it your way, come up with some excuses and out of nowhere present her with something much better which she hasn’t thought about. As long as she hasn’t figured you out totally, keeps her on edge and interested in you. Don’t indulge in routine. Break it! Make her always guessing what are you upto next. That will keep her interested in you. Following routine is the single most mistake a lot of guys make and bring all the fun and excitement down the toilet. It becomes so stagnant that women aren’t interested in any things about you anymore, even though you keep on flirting, coz she has figured you out and that’s bad, very bad. Mystery is a heavy term, but if you keep it alive, you are the boss and she follows you everywhere. Be the decision maker for a lot of things she thinks about but don’t overdo it. Excess of anything is bad. Make sure she follows you, instead of other way round, simply because women are not attracted to guy who doesn’t know how to become the commander of the ship. Women like to keep power but they don’t mind as well if a stronger man snatches it from them. Applying fast flirt techniques can put you instantly ahead of the game.


Leveraging women conditioning and not being its victim:

Almost nothing women says make sense when it comes to making her feel attracted to you. Confused! Don’t be. It is why they are so complicated to understand and even the greatest of sages found it difficult to formulate it. They say something, feel something else and do something else which doesn’t make any sense, which is total conflict in itself. Listen to them because they like being heard but don’t believe what they say and tell you to do. If you are smart enough, you will translate it correctly and work accordingly, they are gonna love it. This works almost all the time leaving some exceptions. A lot of it doesn’t make sense and a lot of people will argue especially so called relationship expert. But this explains quite well why a lot of guys aren’t benefitted by their advices and are seeking additional help to learn how to fast flirt with women.


Knowing right type of girls:

Again, the effective hustlers and flirts know really well how to judge the three types of girls and act accordingly. All guys, typically know the “no” girls type. They are deep sticks in the mud, stand-offish and difficult Princesses to please. Any flirt who has been laid loads of times knows these types of girls. He probably, by experience, has instant gut instinct that she’s going to be difficult to get in the sack. “Yes” girls type , by contrast, are fun, flirty, open with good body language and game for anything. They make it easier for you to ask her to your place. The actual problems are the “maybe” girls type , especially if they are dead drop gorgeous hot chicks in the town. They are a bit difficult to get on the game with and chances are good that you might get carried away into wuss trap. The “maybe” girls are where most of the guys get stuck up spending all their money and time, thinking that they will eventually get her.

Careful, fellow flirts, you are dealing with pros. Listen to the alarm. It’s funny but true that even other women will admit, if asked, how manipulative a woman can be right under your nose. Don’t assume by anyway that you’ll bring her down or even trick her. It’s way better to move on then to burn more energy and money at these problematic chicks.

Picking up the right girl is an art and it comes with practice and knowing how to fast flirt with women of “Yes” types. Also knowing when to let go off and when to hang up.

In My next Post I’ll talk about how to build up confidence with women and make her interested in you. Do check it out :)

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How To Fast Flirt To Get Instant Results

If you’re serious about learning how to fast flirt to get instant results, and want to learn how to do it in the most effective that delivers results then I’m glad you’re in the right place. I basically created this site for the sole purpose to share my best tips and tricks on how to fast flirt to get instant results using methods that are very unorthodox yet powerful when it comes to flirting with women and get her attracted to you.

I have literally followed a lot of techniques successfully I learned over the past couple of months which worked like nothing else I have been using in past to get women interested in me. I know how exactly, being a regular guy with no killer looks, it feels to struggle a lot to find even a decent girl forget about those hot chicks.

I was determined to find a solution to this problem which has affected detrimentally to my self confidence around women but really didn’t want to get involved with techniques that gets you nowhere. I tried a lot of stuffs out there like relationships books on understanding women, ways to flirt with girls and applied those techniques to see them failing in the end. Although it looks obvious but when it comes to implementing them, you don’t really know how to start flirting with women to get favorable results. Some worked temporarily, some didn’t but none taught me really to get on the top of the game and get women to bedroom. It all sucked in the end. I regret I wasted a lot of time on impractical stuff as it got me nowhere when it comes to flirting with girls and get them interested in me.

When I finally came across the solution that finally helped me get success with women, I was literally jumping up and down with excitement. I know many of you must have already tried those endless tips on flirting with women especially those popular books on relationships and dating, but I would advise against it simply because although it gives you knowledge about women but to really get in their head and attract them the way even they couldn’t describe, it does nothing useful. The flirting techniques I’m about to reveal has nothing to do with these books, in fact is complete opposite and hell of a lot more effective. More on this in my next post.

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